Give em the Bird

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Our cafe is in historic Fairhaven, a delightful hamlet just south of Bellingham, in timeless Sycamore Square. Built in the 1890's, our four story building is home to restaurants, retail shops, salons, and even a few ghosts! 

The Bird is dedicated to providing delicious choices in a lively, comfortable and friendly manner. Come by for a Grab 'n Fly or enjoy a moment of down-time, with local, organic, Hammerhead espresso, our own hand-crafted pastries and overall satisfying fare for breakfast, lunch, and everything in between. We cater special events, too! 

Stop on by and Give 'em the Bird!

Sensational Sandwiches* & Salads

The Hamskee ~ Olsen Farms Ham with Swiss Cheese, Stone Ground Mustard and Sliced Cornichons on Sourdough
The Monte Cristo ~ Farm-Fresh Ham, Oven Roasted Turkey, Fontina Cheese, Mango Chutney on Grilled Waffles, Sourdough or Croissant (Add $1)
The Bird ~ Oven Roasted Turkey, Fontina Cheese, Tomato Preserves and Arugula Pesto on Sourdough                                                                                                                                The BPT ~ Roast Beef, Savory Tomato Preserves, Olive Tapenade, Swiss & Fontina Cheese with Pepperoncini on Rye
The Curry CK ~ Curried Chicken, Cashews, Celery, Golden Raisins, and Arugula Pesto, tossed with tangy Mango Chutney Vinaigrette

~~Curry Compilations are available as a panini or an epic quesadilla

The Olivier ~ Olive Tapenade, Fontina Cheese, Arugula Pesto, San Marzano Tomato Preserves on Rye or Sourdough
Meta Feta Salad ~ Massaged Kale, Olive Tapenade, Feta Cheese, Pine Nuts, Tomato Herb Vinaigrette    Add Grilled Turkey $1.25
C-4 Salad ~ Kale Super Salad, Curried Chicken, Mango Chutney Vinaigrette

*Bird Breakfasts*

The Burrito*

Eggs scrambled with Havarti Cheese, Salsa, and Crunchy Potato Sticks - w/wo Bacon 

The Croissant*

Olsen Farms Ham with Sharp White Cheddar and Eggs scrambled, Grill Pressed on a Fresh Baked Croissant - Add Pepperoncinis for a little kick!

The Waffleini*

Two Crunchy, Belgian Waffles Grill-Pressed with: 

 ~ Fontina Cheese & Chutney sprinkled with Powdered Sugar
 ~ Peanut Butter, Chutney & Havarti Cheese

*Just Add Heat – Any Selection Grilled to Perfection (Allow 10 minutes cook time)

Pastry Delights - Hand Crafted and Baked In-House